Tuesday, November 5, 2013

lil Honda 1966 CB160 Custom

I just bought this CB160 it was chromed up & custom painted in '69. It has been in heated storage most of its life. It had a Lacquer pearl  paint job on the tank & fenders that had yellow "Dutch" style pinstriping that is cracking off and not saveable. I plan on painting it back red and getting a pinstriper   to put the yellow back on the tank & fenders and Ride it around the "hood".

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trip to Varmit Mountain Today!!!

 Clutch Guy
 Rat CT & another CT project
St90 Custom 160 powered project in the works.
Poor ol forgotten Harley with Honda parts piled on it LOL

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hodaka Ace 100A 1970

My friend Bobby got this lil Hodaka from the original owner with just over 900 miles after I rode it I had to have it and we finally made a trade. Its got over 1000 miles on it now & had only thrown me on my head once. I am impressed with the power this 100cc 41 year old bike will pull my 225 lbs. The Hodaka banners, books, flags & spares are from an old dealer stash I acquired from Bob Miller after meeting him at the Volcano Days Oil & Gas Show this year at Mountwood Park, Volcano, West Virginia